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Environmental Equipment


Providing system solutions for professional WASTE MANAGEMENT.

TFM Waste Compactors are 100% South African

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● M-Series available in the M150 / M160 / M170

- Latest peg&slot design has proven more effecient and accurate construction.
- Use of special steels for high stressed & wear components.
- Curved body design for high strength to weight ratio.
- Tailgate designed to accept almost any binlifting mechanism.            

● H-Series available in the HC250



Econoloader● Econoloader – A side loader (curb-side) completed with rear end dumping and high volume low compaction.                                                                                                  


● Economaster -   User friendly, extremely cost effective and suitable for Informal Settlements                                                                                                        



● C200 –                                          

Other TFM Waste Management Products

TFM Roll-on Roll-off units -  A range of container handling equipment available in LR 9ton / 13ton and 16ton - the ideal economic answer for operations where bulk loads accumulate over a period at different locations.  


TFM Skiploader - 9ton / 13ton and 16ton                                                                  




TFM UCC Trailer - Universal container carrier trailer designed and build according to your needs.


TFM has established partnerships with leading international technologies, allowing licensed manufacture and partial or fully built-up imports. TFM has close working partnerships with major international companies such as FAUN, HEIL, MARATHON, BAYNE and DOPPSTADT.





● DURAPACK™Half/Pack®  -  Front end loader   



●DB®5000 / FORMULA® 5000 - Rear end loader                            



●PT®1000 - Rear end loader Spec Sheet




●Retriever Urban Compactor


FAUN Rotopress



● FAUN Sweeper – Viajet street sweeper   







● MARATHON – Heavy Duty Vertical Baler  




● MARATHON – TIEger Baler



● MARATHON – RAMJET RJ450 - MARATHON Static Compactor





DOPPSTADT  Mobile ShredderThe solution to shredding of waste wood, roots, green waste, organic waste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, mixed construction waste.  



Mechlift Binlifters used by TFM

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