Container Based Clinics

The mobile solution provides healthcare services in a deployable, cost effective, rugged platform with low operating and maintenance cost. The container-based clinics are intended to be stationed in areas where extended services are required, with movement and re-deployment possible.

Provide diagnostic & preventative healthcare services:

  • Primary Healthcare Clinics.
  • Mother & Child Clinics.
  • Dental Clinics.
  • Ophthalmology/Optometry Clinics.
  • Radiology Clinics.
  • Occupational Healthcare Clinics.
  • Minor procedures & Emergency Clinics.
  • Laboratory Clinics.
  • Dialysis Clinics.
  • Health Education Clinic.


  • Based on ISO shipping container, quick deployable platform, stackable and shippable.
  • Clinics can be from 6m to 12m with 1 to 4 room configurations.
  • Multiple containers can be joined to form larger facilities and structures.
  • Clinics can have 2.4m or 2.6m ceiling height.
  • Self-sustained with power generator, water & waste tanks and optional solar power backup.
  • Wash basins, vinyl flooring for infection control in rooms. Customisable depending in clinic configuration.
  • Allows for deployments in areas where units need to be stationed for extended periods. Offers robust and customisable solution capable of covering numerous procedures and disciplines.
  • Can be loaded and transported on truck, boat or by airplane.
  • Outside awning with audio-visual systems for patient education possible.
  • Medical equipment available: Multiple solution depending on clinic configuration.
  • Remote and Tele-medicine capabilities (via optional HCF Software suite).
  • PACS & Tele-radiology with remote reporting services.
  • Equipment and facility service & backup support.
  • Price depends on vehicle configuration and equipment.