TFM has a strong showing at WasteCon 2018 corenr_block

This premier showcase of best practice African waste management solutions took place at Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

TFM showcased the all new TFM S100 Waste Compactor, and the TFM Heil PT 1100 Waste Compactor.

The TFM S100 Waste Compactor is designed to wind its way into routes other waste collection trucks can’t, opening new gates in waste collection services, like housing estates and townhouse developments. The very popular TFM S100 is sure to be a winning solution is this competitive market.

The TFM Heil PT 1100 is the first rear loader specifically engineered using the full resources of Dover Corporation’s global initiatives. The TFM PT 1100 is designed with extensive use of high-tensile, high-yield strength steels to maximise durability and increase payloads. It has built-in and standardised safety features, super-fast cycle times for increased productivity and multifaceted capability. The PT 1100 can handle commercial, residential, highly abrasive and organic wet wastes, all of which contribute to your Triple Bottom Line.